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VAPS Advanced E-Lab

Facilitating advanced e-learning solutions for every academic level from kinder garden till university by introducing innovation to existing teaching methods and delivering a practical, more inclusive educational content.

VAPS Advanced E-Learning Infrastructure & Solutions

VAPS Advanced E-Learning brings the 21st century teaching technique into a single platform personalised for every academic level. It introduces innovation into existing teaching methods across different functions like language learning, advanced robotics, classroom applications, school planetarium, competency & skill training as per NEP2020, etc.

VAPS Advanced E-Learning is designed from ground up understanding the needs of modern day learning practices. Our services and solutions fosters positive education and learning for all levels by creating, developing, supporting and supplying leading edge, interactive learning technology (IWB) and in the process also encourages the growth of online teacher community.

Explore Our Advanced E-Learning Modules

Schools can easily opt for the different modules available on the VAPS Advanced E-Learning solution based on their requirement and need. All the solutions offered are compatible with each other and delivers seamless functioning at all levels.

Elite Classroom Solutions

VAPS Elite Classroom is a comprehensive school solution customized for every academic level that facilitates different hardware solutions like smart interactive white board, IVRS, smart card access, responsive digital signage that works cohesively with the modern-day digital content.

Robox Lab Setup & Management

VAPS Robox (Robotics) is a state-of-the-art setup for STEAM & Robotics Lab within the school that comes with continuous classes, events, competitions, workshops and accountable 5 years learning path for students. This helps in encouraging students to learn logical reasoning, mechanics and physics to easily understand concepts taught to them in classroom.

VAPS Language Lab (Lab 100)

VAPS Language Lab is an effective and versatile language learning solution that provides practical tools for developing students’ foreign language skills. It facilitates easy-to-use student digital recording units and content within the school lab to help in accelerating and making language lessons effective.

School Planetarium Setup

VAPS Planetarium solution will help you turn your empty classrooms and recreational rooms into a interactive, highly-engaging learning corner where teachers can drive educational and entertaining shows about astronomy, space and more for their students.

Why VAPS Advanced E-Learning?

Assured Quality

VAPS solutions are carefully crafted to ensure the utmost quality and superior amongst other products in the market

Cost-effective Solutions

VAPS Advanced E-Learning is designed to fit educational institution of any scale and offers flexible, cost-effective solutions

Faculty Training

VAPS experts will provide KT on every aspect of the product to get your staff to start using the applications effectively.

Easy Implementation

VAPS Advanced E-Learning modules can easily be implemented at any schools and classroom and ensure seamless functioning.

Updates & Upgrades

VAPS will help with the periodic updates and upgrades needed for both the hardware and the applications implemented.

Dedicated Support

Our team will be available across all working days to ensure your systems are running smoothly and as intended.


National Accreditation Board for Education and Training is an Accreditation Body established under Quality Council of India. NABET  assesses and accredits Schools under Quality School Governance scheme. Our modules are designed in such as way that the NABET Quality School Governance requirements are complied with and school can go for Accreditation.

National Assessment and Accreditation Council is Country’s premier Accreditation body for Higher Education Institutions such as Affiliated Degree Colleges, Autonomous Institutions, Engineering,Medical,Debtal,Ayurveda,Homeopathy,Nursing,Law,Management colleges, Deemed and Private Universities etc. Our modules such as Admission, Academic Planning, Teaching and Learning, Examination Management System, ICT integration, Alumni, Finance etc are designed taking into consideration the NAAC Criteria and the reports based on the standard data templates.

We are one of the few Technology company in India to provide comprehensive solutions for which include Software, ICT Integration, Accreditation Consultancy under one roof. Many institutions have secured NAAC A++ and A+ Grade with the help of our seamless support.

One of the biggest change in  21st Century is the adoption of New Education Policy 2020. India is undergoing a big transformation in the Education sector. The main components of the NEP is inculcating of knowledge and Skills from the Foundation Level to Secondary Level. We are proud to announce that Vaps Techno soft is the first technology company in India to support this transition with curricular development in association with our sister company that is Vaps Knowledge Services Pvt Ltd where our Educationists are working round the clock to design new curriculum and come out with publication of Books. Vaps Technosoft  Learning Management System provides the platform to host the contents developed by educationists. Our educationists and experts help the institutions  to migrate to the NEP 2020 requirements in a phased manner.

  1. Competency Based Education(CBE) our digital Platform is designed taking into consideration of the new pedagogical technique and Competency based Education(CBE)
  2. Summative and Formative Assessment (SAF module) The module helps in continuous assessment of student’s performance after each Lesson/unit.The 360° Assessment/Progress report is generated from the module for each students.The Progress card will have summative and formative assessment and evaluation outcomes.
  3. CPD: (Continuous Professional Development) for teachers and administration is a mandatory requirement in NEP 2020.NCERT has recommended a minimum of 50CPD hours for every teachers our HR module will completely assist the institutions to plan and conduct online/offline/Hybrid training sessions/workshops for teachers throughout the academic year.All our Trainers are educationalists a experts in delivery Competency based education as per NCERT curriculum.
  4. AIPA (AI based Performance Analysis module) is a new module in our digital campus platform which is developed taking into consideration of NEP2020 and NCERT curriculum for CBSE and ICSE affiliated schools. Students will be mentored and counseled from the early style till they come to secondary level. Vaps has tied up with many Laboratories/Organic Farms/Artisans/Biodiversity clubs/NGOS for inculcation of skills from standard 6th to 10th.The career counselling software is AI based with latest tools that will certainly revolutionize the secondary education where students can choose their career path in the areas of their interest.

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