VAPS Digital Campus NEP Platform

VAPS digital campus NEP platform for educational institutions ( Schools, College, Universities, Autonomous Colleges) of any size

Enable schools to function effectively, be more productive and deliver seamless experiences using a web based management platform made to fit your goals and requirements.

A sustainable, all-inclusive and advanced management system for modern schools

VAPS Digital Campus NEP Platform is a 360-degree IT solutions suite designed to meet the needs of any educational institution (Schools, College, Universities, Autonomous Colleges) and exceed expectations of every stakeholder (teachers, administration, parents & students) at different levels of their engagement cycle.

Built from the ground, VAPS Digital Campus NEP Platform is designed to address all prominent functions and operations that are involved in educational institutions (Schools, College, Universities, Autonomous Colleges). It offers a series of solutions ranging from IT network infrastructure, office suite, biometric & face recognition solution to an all-inclusive digital management system under a single roof, all-connected together to work seamlessly.

i-Vidyalaya ERP Suite

The integrated ERP system ‘i-Vidyalaya’ enables all the stakeholders (teachers, administration, parents & students) to get access to all relevant information and data from anywhere, at any time using their browser on phone or desktop.


Let people apply online for admission, submit application forms, upload relevant documents & pay online


Helps back office in digitising the documentation involved with an interactive module right at the admission stage

Fees Management

Organise your fee management right from collection, entries, receipts to maintaining records & sending reminders

Student Attendance

Use smart cards to track attendance of every student and automatically update it in the system

Exam Management

Manage exams end-to-end, from applications, hall ticket, seating arrangement to valuation & results

Library Management

Take care of complete operation of any library from catalog, transaction, penalty, auto-messaging to user analysis

Transport Management

Manage entire transport activities and logistics of the institution and bus tracking with the help of GPS

Inventory Management

Track, organize & manage all the inventory from vendors, materials, purchase requests to orders & reciepts

Salary Management

Manage everything from staff management to payrolls, salary slips and salary calculation in a single tool

Download our solution overview to explore all the features of the iVRM.

Explore All Our Modules

Schools can easily opt for the different modules available on the VAPS Digital Campus NEP Platform solution based on their requirement and need. All the solutions offered are compatible with each other and delivers seamless functioning at all levels.

Smart Card & Access Management

i-Vidyalaya is intelligently designed to enable sophisticated access management using smart cards that can be used in class rooms, office, library, labs, canteen, and hostel. A single card management system to create access, track, manage all stakeholders – students, staff, faculty, vendors, etc.

Touch Enabled Kiosk Devices

Take your school management to the next level by using a touch enabled kiosk in your school and allow students, parents, visitors and other stakeholders in premises to easily access information like premises map, important events, fee structure, school related videos and more.

Learning Management System (LMS)

VAPS LMS is web-based platform designed to facilitate schools, colleges or universities of any size in the creation, delivery, and management of educational courses and training programs.

GPS Tracking & Monitoring Devices

Safety is a top priority in any modern schools today and VAPS iVRM integration with GPS devices will allow schools to take safety to the next level. With this GSM/GPRS network based GPS device allows in enabling multiple functions of security, positioning, monitoring surveillance emergency remote target by SMS or internet.

Server & IT Infrastructure Setup

VAPS can help in sourcing, setup and maintenance of servers needed in educational institutions to run their business, store data and manage applications. Our offering includes high-quality branded servers from all prominent brands and strong / proven infrastructure design.

E-Banking Solutions For Any Scale

E-Banking module on VAPS iVRM lets schools enable easy payment options for parents (NEFT, UPI, RTGS, etc) to pay school fees, library fees, bus fees, etc. directly from their phone or desktop.

VAPS Mobile Apps

VAPS iVRS also bundled with a mobile application (Android & iOS) that parents, teachers, students, administrators, etc. can install on their phones and access any information related to school, academics, calendar, teacher notes and other upcoming action items whenever they need at their convenience.

Enabled Communication Modes






Security & Access Management

To ensure that the client’s data is safeguarded and protected, VAPS get deployed with a variety of security measures that aim to provide the client with the peace of mind that their data is in good hands and will be handled with the utmost care and diligence.

Some of these security measures include:

  • HTTPS protocol for encrypted data transmission
  • OAUTH for securing REST API’s
  • CSRF token
  • Passwords are hashed and not encrypted
  • OTP for password re-generation
  • OTP for triggering SMS and Email

VAPS Digital Campus NEP Platform Packages

SAAS Model Delite Package

1. i-VRM Limited Version ERP Software
2. Implementation-Back Office Support
3. Web Based Email & SMS
4. Dashboards / Portals
5. Mobile Apps
6. Shared Cloud Hosting
7. SSL Certificate
8. Online E-Banking
9. Firewall

BOOT Model Elite Package

1. i-VRM ERP Software
2. Implementation-Back Office Support
3. Web Based Email & SMS
4. Dashboards/Portals
5. Mobile Apps
6. Dedicated Cloud Hosting
7. Firewall
8. SSL Certificate
9. Online E-Banking
10. Domain / Sub Domain Name

11. Touch Screen Kiosk
12. IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System)
13. Digital Signage/Dynamic Notice Board
14. Bio-Metric-Thermal Face Reader
15. Bio-Metric Face Reader
16. Barcode Reader/RF Tags
17. Smart Cards
18. Smart Card Readers
19. Onsite Implementation Engineer
20. Data Entry Operator

Why VAPS Digital Campus NEP Platform?

SAAS / BOOT Models

Choose the engagement (SAAS model  or BOOT model) that suits best for your organisation and VAPS Digital Campus NEP Platform can be configured accordingly.

Exceptional Support

Our team is just a call away for any technical/product related queries or issues that might arise after implementation.

Easily Scalable

VAPS Digital Campus NEP Platform is designed to provide total flexibility to support your needs and integrates seamlessly with the third-party applications used

Responsive Layout

VAPS Digital Campus NEP Platform is completely responsive and can work on any device (Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or Mobile) that has a working browser and internet.

Smart Automation

Integration of smart automation is a well-crafted feature in VAPS Digital Campus NEP Platform that reduces over 40% of the effort involved in school management.

Prominent Integrations

VAPS Digital Campus NEP Platform enables 100% end-to-end integration of management services, solutions & hardware devices for schools


National Accreditation Board for Education and Training is an Accreditation Body established under Quality Council of India. NABET  assesses and accredits Schools under Quality School Governance scheme. Our modules are designed in such as way that the NABET Quality School Governance requirements are complied with and school can go for Accreditation.

National Assessment and Accreditation Council is Country’s premier Accreditation body for Higher Education Institutions such as Affiliated Degree Colleges, Autonomous Institutions, Engineering,Medical,Debtal,Ayurveda,Homeopathy,Nursing,Law,Management colleges, Deemed and Private Universities etc. Our modules such as Admission, Academic Planning, Teaching and Learning, Examination Management System, ICT integration, Alumni, Finance etc are designed taking into consideration the NAAC Criteria and the reports based on the standard data templates.

We are one of the few Technology company in India to provide comprehensive solutions for which include Software, ICT Integration, Accreditation Consultancy under one roof. Many institutions have secured NAAC A++ and A+ Grade with the help of our seamless support.

One of the biggest change in  21st Century is the adoption of New Education Policy 2020. India is undergoing a big transformation in the Education sector. The main components of the NEP is inculcating of knowledge and Skills from the Foundation Level to Secondary Level. We are proud to announce that Vaps Techno soft is the first technology company in India to support this transition with curricular development in association with our sister company that is Vaps Knowledge Services Pvt Ltd where our Educationists are working round the clock to design new curriculum and come out with publication of Books. Vaps Technosoft  Learning Management System provides the platform to host the contents developed by educationists. Our educationists and experts help the institutions  to migrate to the NEP 2020 requirements in a phased manner.

  1. Competency Based Education(CBE) our digital Platform is designed taking into consideration of the new pedagogical technique and Competency based Education(CBE)
  2. Summative and Formative Assessment (SAF module) The module helps in continuous assessment of student’s performance after each Lesson/unit.The 360° Assessment/Progress report is generated from the module for each students.The Progress card will have summative and formative assessment and evaluation outcomes.
  3. CPD: (Continuous Professional Development) for teachers and administration is a mandatory requirement in NEP 2020.NCERT has recommended a minimum of 50CPD hours for every teachers our HR module will completely assist the institutions to plan and conduct online/offline/Hybrid training sessions/workshops for teachers throughout the academic year.All our Trainers are educationalists a experts in delivery Competency based education as per NCERT curriculum.
  4. AIPA (AI based Performance Analysis module) is a new module in our digital campus platform which is developed taking into consideration of NEP2020 and NCERT curriculum for CBSE and ICSE affiliated schools. Students will be mentored and counseled from the early style till they come to secondary level. Vaps has tied up with many Laboratories/Organic Farms/Artisans/Biodiversity clubs/NGOS for inculcation of skills from standard 6th to 10th.The career counselling software is AI based with latest tools that will certainly revolutionize the secondary education where students can choose their career path in the areas of their interest.

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