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About VAPS Group


Years Of Legacy

A digital innovation company delivering excellence evolved for over 2-decades

VAPS Group is a more than 2 decades old Bengaluru based digital innovation company catering to over 6000 implementations across education, hospitality and healthcare industry verticals. With a strong footprint in technology and innovative solutions, VAPS has been a popular brand amongst all major educational institutions (Schools, College, Universities, Autonomous Colleges) and schools in India & abroad since inception.

With a strong foundational base, team, mission and ethics VAPS has been consistently delivering quality business-essential solutions for the past 2 decades that cater to the needs of clients, their customers and help businesses/educational institutions (Schools, College, Universities, Autonomous Colleges) modernise and perpetually change with the advancements in technology and time.

Our mission to create a better, more inclusive and innovative solutions across industries to help businesses using technology as the power tool has been the backbone and inspiration to innovate.

We are proud to be the pioneers in creating legacy of excellence for 2 decades.

Our Vision & Mission

Create technology that matters for businesses of all sizes & varieties

Accessible To All

Build products that are made for everyone. Offer technology, flexibility, affordability and innovation which is unique and adaptable.

Excellence In Service

Build strong business relationships by providing excellence in service and support for every client regardless of size.

Innovate At Every Step

Be dynamic in creating innovation consistently and coherently across all products and service lines.

Meet Our Leadership

Siddesh Kumar R
Managing Director, VAPS Group

Mr. Siddesh Kumar is a goal-driven and self-motivated individual who possesses a remarkable ability to achieve results. He has a proven track record of converting abstract ideas into sustainable products and building numerous successful brands for both himself and his organizations. After graduating from MIT, Mr. Kumar worked as an FEM and CATIA expert on various Techno-Commercial projects for Fouress Engineering and Widia India. He then transitioned to the e-commerce industry and worked on several projects in the Police Department and Education Domain. With his entrepreneurial spirit and remarkable leadership skills, Mr. Kumar founded VAPS Technosoft Pvt Ltd in the year 2000 and has since established a successful group of companies.

Mr. Kumar has received national and international awards, including the “Global Image of Asia” International Award and “The Mahatma Gandhi Samman” award. He is also recognized as an expert in the education sector and has served on the boards of several educational and government institutions. His vision is to excel in the field of IT and transform education to the next level while upholding high moral and ethical values.

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Our Clients

VAPS facilitates 6000+ implementations, 6 million+ active students

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